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Grant Guidelines
Grant FAQ's
Grant Application
Grants Awarded
Grant Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of grants are likely to be considered?
  • Startup costs for new programs
  • One time projects
  • Capital needs beyond an organizations capabilities
  • Projects that affect a broad scope of people
  • Projects that fill a gap in service or meet a need
  • Projects that enable an organization to better serve the people of Fountain or Vermillion Counties.
  • Projects that, when possible, demonstrate cooperation or partnership with other organizations
What kinds of grants will not be funded? 
  • Projects that do not affect people locally
  • Projects which are “third party” projects (ex. Someone who wants to bring a performance to area schools but has not received an invitation from school administrators or teachers)
  • Projects whose effectiveness can’t be measured or for which there is no evidence of need
  • Requests from individuals (except for scholarships – does not include professional CEUs), or proposals designed to support a named individual
  • Requests to support regular operating budgets or provide long-term funding for projects or events
  • Post-event situations such as requests for reimbursement of expenses which occurred prior to a grant application
  • Those for political organizations
  • Those for religious purposes (please see additional information possible exceptions)
  • Those from organizations not in good standing with the Community Foundation
  • Those for projects that are not core to the mission of an organization
What is expected of my organization if it gets an award?
  • You will be required to sign a grant agreement
  • You will be expected to carry out your plan within the estimated timeframe
  • You will be required to make a final report, including a narrative report and a financial report
  • You are required to provide photographs, wherever appropriate, in the final report
  • You will be required to give credit to the Western Indiana Community Foundation or affiliate Foundation in any publications or publicity about the grant
Additional Information
  • Unused grant money. Unspent money in an amount equal to or greater than 5% of the total grant must be returned to the Community Foundation. Grant recipients can spend a lesser amount of unused grant money for purposes consistent with the grant with written permission from the Foundation staff. Grant recipients must account for expenses in the financial section of the final report.
  • Good standing. Only organizations in good standing with the Community Foundation may apply for grants. Good standing means that the organization has followed these guidelines, submitted final reports for previous grants in a timely manner that were approved and has returned any unused portions of grants.
  • Grants to religious organizations. Faith-based organizations may apply for program funding provided there are no requirements to participate in religious instruction and/or take part in religious activities and the program or project will have a large benefit or impact to a community.
  • National organizations. National organizations (except for local chapters serving Fountain or Vermillion Counties) are not eligible for funding through the Foundation’s grant program.
  • Grant limitations. The Community Foundation makes grants with the understanding it has no obligation or commitment to provide additional support to grant recipients. Approved grants must be used within the grant period designated or funds will be forfeited.
  • Publicity. The Foundation asks grant recipients to recognize the Western Indiana Community Foundation or appropriate affiliate Foundation in grant-related publicity materials (programs, press releases, electronic communications, etc.).
Eligible organizations. The Community Foundation welcomes grant proposals from organizations serving Fountain or Vermillion Counties defined as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code or non-501(c)(3) organizations with charitable causes.
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