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Recent Grant Recipients

Congratulations to recent grant recipients:
Southeast Fountain School Corporation ($224.22), Covington Celebration Group ($1,000), Cayuga Park ($3,700), Covington After Prom ($5,200), Falcon Fund ($500), Wabash Valley 83 Cluster ($4,000), Vermillion County Economic Development ($2,000), Clinton Police Department ($500), Parke-Vermillion Adult Education ($1,250), American Legion Post 263 ($1,500), Black Diamond Fire Department ($4,500), Covington High School ($5,200), Food Finders ($4,000), North Vermillion Elementary School ($1,000), Cayuga Lions Club ($1,500), Sugar Creek Food Pantry ($10,000), Veedersburg Food Pantry ($10,000), Covington Food Pantry ($10,000), North Vermillion High School ($3,500), Fountain County 4H Horse and Pony ($17,417.50), Cayuga Christian Church ($1,000), Victory Baptist Church ($750),Servants at Work ($8,000), Community Action Program of Western Indiana ($2,833), Attica Elementary School ($2,300), North Vermillion High School ($1,000), Reading Boot Camp, Inc. ($2,500), Parke-Vermillion Christian Youth Mission, Inc. ($8,500), More →

New Funds to Benefit Area Communities

A variety of new endowment funds have recently been established to benefits area communities and high school students.  For more details click on the link to learn more about each fund.

The new funds include: Fountain County Teacher Classroom Supply Assistance Program, Dallas Ponder Memorial Scholarship, Mark and Kathy Haas Unrestricted Fund, John & Pauline Bossaer Unrestricted Fund, Clinton Community Improvement Fund, E. Stanley & Vera Shew Unrestricted Fund, Lawrence & Patricia DeSutter Family Farm Memorial Scholarship, Dr. William Somerville Scholarship Fund, Robert & Helen Shelby Community Fund, Marilyn’s Village Inc., John & Madeline Ives Community Fund, Judy Ashton Ferrell Unrestricted Fund, Hunger Relief Fund, Paul & Pat Coolley Fund,  Terry A. Badger III Scholarship Fund, Jackson Township Fire Department Fund, Coal Creek Cemetery Endowment & Pass-Through Funds, and more!

To learn how you can establish a fund to benefit your community contact Dale at (765) 793-0702 or by email at

Memorial & Honor Giving

Fountain and Vermillion County are home to many wonderful people who have made a deep impact in the community.

Are you looking for a way to memorialize a loved one or friend who is no longer with us?  Or perhaps you would like to honor a family member, friend, co-worker, or service provider who has a positive influence in your daily life?  MEMORIAL & HONOR GIFTS are great ways to honor those who are or have been significant in your life or the life of your community. Your gift will go to the fund you specify, in the name of the one you’re honoring.

The following individuals have recently passed away and the families have designated donations in their memory go to the Community Foundation.  We honor the following individuals (click on the name for more details): Irma Lee Crist, Vera Shew, Ethan Whyde, Mike Stump, Judy Ashton Ferrell,  John Ives, Dr. Donna (Summers) McGrady, Louise Houmes, Gregory Spragg, Brenda Phillips, Carlotta Auter, Harold VanDame, Marvin Potter, Rose Martin, Kenneth Scheurich, Stan Shew, Bill Smail, Richard Pattengale, Jeff Henry, Page Lane, Barbara White, Tim Thomas, Harold R. Long, Cameron Cheuvront, Darleen Swingle, Duaine Ramey, Wanda Clawson, Terry Holland, Marvin ShawDr. Francis McGrady, Jr., Matt Milach, Joe HendersonGinger Orr, Raymond Bush, Carl DismoreRichard Klage, David Rothrock, Ann JohannesRonald Smith, Charles McKinney,  Joe HathawayEdward C. Grubb, Sharon Sue Craft, Henry Meadows, Janice Vietti, Edward “Ed” George, and Carl Swinford.

All memorial and honor gifts are acknowledged to the person or people you designate so that the loved one’s family, or the person you are honoring, is aware of the gift.  Or you can make an anonymous gift if you desire to do so.  The amount of the gift is, of course, confidential and only you will receive a gift acknowledgement for tax purposes.  It’s very easy to give a memorial or honor gift – just CLICK HERE to get started.

Fall Newsletters Released

Check out the Fountain County & Vermillion County Fall Newsletters at: WICF – Publications (

Scholarship Recipients Announced

Touch here to see the entire listing of scholarship recipients awarded by the Community Foundation at the following Senior Awards Programs:

South Vermillion High School
Covington High School
Fountain Central High School
North Vermillion High School
Attica High School

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