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Foundation Announces “Better Together Creative Places Grantmaking Initiative” 2.0

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of Round 2.0 request for grant proposals for projects that activate or create public spaces to advance a more vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive community.

Fountain and Vermillion County have long been a community of makers: industrious people driven to build, create, and innovate – together. Through the “Better When We Gather – Creative Places Initiative” 2.0 the Community Foundation is seeking to build upon the maker mindset, so prevalent in our counties, to activate or create public spaces that advance a more vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive community.

In 2020, nearly 110 individuals participated in group convening sessions and personal interviews.  These county stakeholders learned a great deal about where we succeed and where we could do better.  We also learned that the communities within our broader community are very willing to engage and that being better requires that we gather and work together.

Fountain and Vermillion County’s ability to attract and retain talent is greatly increased by taking advantage of unique placemaking assets in its communities.  Building upon both the spirit and findings from the community convening process, the Community Foundation is seeking proposals for creative placemaking projects that, through deliberate and thoughtful collaboration, will make us better together.

Funding and Eligibility
Building upon the success of Round 1 in which $130,000 was awarded, the Community Foundation has $60,000 to allocate to the Round 2.0 initiative.  Grant amounts must range between $5,000 and $15,000.   

Local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and tax-exempt entities are eligible to apply.  This includes nonprofits, units of government, school corporations, education institutions, and religious organizations.

Grant Timeline
February 1, 2023: Proposals Due
March/April 2023: Grant award(s) announced

Project Proposal Goals and Examples
Projects proposed should:
·  Advance community aesthetics and beautification
·  Address quality of place in one or more Fountain or Vermillion County community
·  Create welcoming, inclusive space(s), accessible to all
·  Promote a sense of ownership and pride in the community
·  Bring community together in all phases of the project
·  Contribute to community vibrancy
·  Activate underused public spaces or create new ones
·  Be completed and open to the public within one year of receiving WICF funds
·  Have a sustaining impact

Some examples of the types of projects that may be eligible for grant funding include, but are not limited to:
·  Streetscape beautification and walkability
·  Alley activations
·  Public plaza development
·  Innovative public space amenities that encourage people to interact
·  Community arts projects
·  Farmer’s markets
·  Amphitheaters and band shells
·  Bike and pedestrian pathways
·  Wayfinding (directional) signage

Need more info?
Let us know how we can help!  Please give us a call for more details at (765) 793-0702.

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